Training Units

Make Connections provides training units to use with staff and caregivers. The units include group discussion, video, and hands-on activities. Handouts are available in Spanish and in English. You will need a reliable internet connection to download the training units. You do not need internet in the trainings. 

To run the trainings, you need:


Unit  Time  Topic
Staff pre-survey (optional) 15 min Staff take pre-survey and learn about caregiver pre-survey.
1. Measurement and Math Talk 45 min Learn about Make Connections and about how to build children’s math knowledge by talking with them.
2. Exploring and Creating Math 30 min Investigate how to help children create and discover math through projects and crafts.
3. Storybooks and Math 30 min Explore ways to combine math and story time.
4. Math Moments with Babies 30 min  Learn how to include math in everyday life with babies—useful for older children too! Learn how to include math in everyday life with babies—useful for older children too!
5. Math Talk with Babies 30 min Learn how to talk math with babies—useful for older children, too! 
6. Math Talk at Home 30 min Consider how to include math in household activities with children.
Staff Reflection and Post-Survey (optional) 30 min Staff fill out an end of year survey and reflect on the year with Make Connections.


For information about running trainings, contact

To use the training unit PDFs:

1. Download the training units to your hard drive. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader, and then open the downloaded training unit or units you wish to use.

2. Check that the videos are working. If you click on “play” and the video does not play, try this:
In Acrobat Reader, go to the top menu > Acrobat > Preferences > 3D & Multimedia. In the 3D & Multimedia menu, click on checkbox, 'Enable playing of 3D content.' It's the first one in the menu. Click okay and quit out of Acrobat. Then, go back to step 1.

3. If 1 and 2 don’t work, please email for help.