Storytime Connections

Make Connections includes nine ways to combine math and story time. Use each sheet in English or Spanish with your favorite books. Choose books that meet the interests and needs of children you work with. You can use each a few times a year, with different Make Connections curriculum units. Includes ideas for talking math together at home.

Title Use Books About... Math Topic
First, Next, Last
Primero, siguiente, último
Getting dressed Sequences (first, second, third)
More, Less, Same
Más, menos, igual
Counting, especially food Counting, more, less
Play with Boxes
Juega con cajas
Imaginative play with cardboard boxes Geometry and measurement
Roll It to Me
Ruédalo hacia mi
Vehicles or transportation Geometry

Spot the Pattern
Reconoce el patrón

Visual patterns (spots, stripes, checks) on animals or clothing Patterns
Tell Me a Story
Cuéntame un cuento
Daily routines and schedules Sequences (first, second, third)
Up and Down
Arriba y abajo
Growing plants Geometry/spatial relationships
What Fits?
¿Qué cabe?
People, animals, or objects in different sizes Measurement
Word Patterns
Patrones de palabras
Anything with a chorus Patterns